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About Us

The Punjab Police Housing Corporation Limited was established by the Punjab Government on the basis "ACTION PLAN" prepared by the Government of India with the aim of having an agency which could construct buildings of the Police Department efficiently and promptly. The satisfaction level of the Police housings for the Police personnal with reference to then existing strength of Police forces was very scanty i.e. only 8% of the required accommodation which was required to be raised atleast to 40% by constructing about 3000-4000 houses every year. The background for setting up of the Punjab Police Housing Corporation is that till 1976, the work regarding construction of houses and Police buildings was entrusted to the Punjab Public Works Department. The P.W.D could not give priority for Police housing works and during the year 1979, the work was entrusted to Punjab Housing Development Board. The Housing Board could also not devote the desired attention to the Police Housings as a result of which Punjab Police Housing Corporation was incorporated on 30th March, 1989 with the Authorized Capital of Rs.5.00 crores. Since the inception of the Corporation work worth Rs. 396.86 crores have been executed upto 31.03.09, it constructed 8670 houses, 137 large/ medium/small size police stations, barrack accommodation for 3354 men & women, Hostel accommodation for 5000 men, 2no. SSP office- cum-residences and 14 DSP office-cum-residences. Besides six storeyed, Punjab Police Headquarters Building, Sector-9, Chandigarh has been constructed within the stipulated time schedule. Various buildings which includes Boys Hostel, Girls Hostel, Indoor Training Block, Outdoor Block, Laboratory Workshop, Admn. Block, Multimedia Projection Hall and Guest House have been got constructed at PRTC Jahankhelan for setting up of Punjab Security Training Institute. Construction/Renovation work of various Jails in Punjab have been got executed under the scheme of Modernization of Prisons which includes 260 houses, Barracks for 2358 mail inmates and for 1009 female inmates, 5 no. Hospital Buildings, 5 no. kitchens, 8 no. Warder Lines, 02 no. Factory Shed, 1 no. Admn. Block, 16 no. Watch Towers and 2 no. Mulakat Rooms. Besides this, construction work of New Jails at Nabha & Mansa is nearing completion.